Painting with Le Douanier Rousseau (2011)

I made a “painting workshops” for the Festival Jeune Public, a two-weeks free event organised by the association La Petite Rockette for all the kids (from 3 to 14) who didn’t have any holidays during spring 2011. About 20 different workshops were proposed.

! All photos of Sarah Goliard, photographer !

They made really great painting by mixing different techniques : with pencils, sponges, stencils cut into linoleum, transferts, cut papers, glue…. and hands palms of course. Extraordinary colored jungles of the Douanier Rousseau inspired us all along the workshop. At the end, we assembled several paintings together, to fit out a kind of mini-jungle in our room. Just big enough for kids to get lost inside and escape from the city for few minutes !