Bienvenue // Weldcome !

Supervolum, c’est l’art en partage.
A travers des oeuvres métal poétiques et fonctionnelles de l’artiste Sara Renaud.

Ici, la création se veut hybride, résistante et généreuse. On doit pouvoir toucher, escalader, percevoir du sens et de la poésie. Attachée au travail du métal sous toutes ses formes, Sara Renaud crée des oeuvres d’extérieur, entre sculpture et mobilier, de l’échelle normale à monumentale, qui injectent dans l’air un peu de sensualité, d’étrangeté, un peu de surprise et de jeu aussi.

Les projets personnels comme les projets participatifs sont conçus comme la possibilité d’un art public hors du commun. Explorer les potentiels de diverses matières, les techniques infinies du métal, y combiner l’amour du fait-main et des inspirations poétiques spontanées, universelles… pour permettre une rencontre sensible entre les gens et leur environnement. Entre un corps vivant et une forme.

Les ateliers participatifs ouverts à tous, en partenariat avec différentes structures socio-culturelles, sont une source d’inspiration très importante, où les idées se confrontent aux réalités du terrain

 Cette pratique exigeante techniquement et physiquement se nourrit d’inspirations plus légères et nomades : le dessin, tout le temps, en voyage extérieur ou intérieur,  et la technique de la linogravure, qui produit des images fortes, un art multiple et unique à la fois.

une proposition? contacter : supervolum arobase gmail point com

mobile : 033 603 507 979

Supervolum is Sara Renaud, french, Paris based but worldwide inspired.

As a multitalented metalworker, she assumes that art must be hybrid, touchable (climbable!) and sharable. Through evocative metal sculpture and furniture, she aims to create mainly outdoor artworks, from human scale to monumental, adding a bit of unusual, sensual and acting spirit into the air.

Personal projects as well as collaborative projects are conceived as delicate  public art. This is all about exploration of various materials and mostly metal, combinated with love of hand-made and simple poetical thoughts, universal feelings. To allow maybe a meaningfull encounter between people and their surrounding.

This heavy duty, physical work is balanced and nurrished by community art projects, open creative sessions shared with people and different social and cultural organisations.

Also, drawing everything that’s inspiring around, people, places and things, and sharing it by linocut print technique, is a way to keep art spontaneous, multiple and still unique.

contact : supervolum at gmail dot com

mobile : 033 603 507 979


“As a female metal artist, i assume my job on earth is to solder things together with love.
May my art be a solid link between people, their surroundings and their emotions.
This is all about giving to myself power enough, enjoying my freedom of creating any shape and sharing it.
Artwork communicates this power and this joy as a clever religion.
Being an artist means everything you allow to yourself,
and every personal and social boundaries you must break, to create what feels right.
And it feels even more right when people do not expect a woman at this place.
Life is a surprise.”


Bonne visite


2 thoughts on “Bienvenue // Weldcome !

  1. i think art is everything , most people see things the way they look at it … and to make art come alive you must put your mind , body and soul into it … SARA , i think you have great potential and you are doing a great job bringing real art to the world ….

  2. I had the pleasure to observe this talented young lady artist in the middle of the night while she finished a remarkable work in the lobby of a hotel in Paris/Montmartre. I was quite jet-lagged and unable to sleep after a long flight from Vancouver BC, so to sit in the foyer and observe Sara at work was a delightful diversion and a marvellous beginning to my stay in Paris.
    Before even realizing that she was the author of this piece, I was impressed by the passion and intensity with which Sara put herself into her creation. She was giving the finishing touches to it all that night.
    Sara’s art is a marvellous fusion of flowing lines, suggesting wind, water and the human form. The flow of her beautiful opus emanates in a most pleasing manner emotion, passion, sensuality and connectivity.
    Sara’s contribution to public art is a welcome addition to the soullessness of many public spaces.
    You really have to experience this beautiful and talented young woman working in person to understand and to appreciate fully the source of the energy with which her art is imbued.
    Bravissima, Sara, and bonne chance!

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