Artistic Statement


Metalwork allows me to express both my ideas and passions :

– The certainty that any artistic shape is intense if able to be shared in a public place. It is just between a personal artistic intention and people all around that lies the potential of a collective, open creation. Public art, must be a participative tool that gives free space for surprise, and sensitivity, where remain very often only normative and restrictive signals. Since the artist puts her or himself in the everydaylife reality, this individual non-normatie gesture, acts as a kickstarter for imagination and creative spirit of all.

The functionality into art, and especially public art, anchors my practice in the reality. Since my artwork is dedicated to « get in touch » with people, it needs to be as solid and safe as possible. Creating functional art such as poetic furniture, armchairs, chairs, or bigger elements as gates, is challenging as it always balances my personal fantasy and technical skills.

The passion of hand-made, which makes my artistic approach a very sensory, crafted, day by day experience. Having graduated as a set-designer at the Decorative Arts of Paris allowed me to practise very numerous techniques, and especially to learn to choose them. Because a material already contains in itself its own emotional universe. This is how I developed a passion for metals and its immense potential, but I still am free to chose any other material to combine with, or to use as it is, if the project or the idea is appropriate.

The passion of metals. More than ten lives would be necessary to reinvent metalworking from zero. The history of steels in particular, is parallel to the history of the modern industry, the modern world. Our works and our shops inherit from generations of artists and craftsmens. The tools and savoir-faire they invented, their perseverance saves us a precious time. Steel is rough and subtile at the same time ; made out of decennies of industrial discoveries. It can be used as cold or hot, molded, melted, welded, hammered…. Potentials are huge. It is also a basic material easy to collect. Using collected crap metals from jobsites, infuses art with historical and industrial inheritage , and it makes sense to me.

The combination of organic and geometrical, carnal and structural, is a constant lead for my inspirations. Whatever is the oblect to be done ( artistic furniture, a monumental sculpture, or a simple drawing) my lines always find their way through nature, human body and what makes link in general. Between an organic shape and a structure, that will support it, surrounds it, or connects it to something else. According to that, my metal furnitures can only be seen as complete when a person takes a seat in there.

Human relationships, every nuances of the feelings that attract us and take us away from each other, are a bottomless pit of inspiration. Again and again, a body starts resonating with lines, mooses of energy or ties, you never can tell really. A real-life situation, a feeling, an emotion, an observed nature, by me or a close relation, are so many triggers.

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