a Magic Forest (Paris 2011)

A two-months workshop with inhabitants of workers’ housing estate. They had an empty unused collective space, and we decided to decorate it the most magically ever, to transform it in a real lively  place where everybody would feel welcome to use it. Kids could make their homework, or painting or whatever, and adults could take a moment to talk.

As the workshop gathered people from 3 to 70 years, I proposed as many different techniques and tools as possible to satisfy everyone’s curiosty : pencils, sponges, cut papers, stencils, clay for modelling, a bit of DIY construction and electricity with the big lamp tree in the middle of the room. We made it with plastic tubes collected from a construction site. As usual 99% of the participants were about from 3 to ten of age, and they all wanted to help for the construction with big wood saw! It was also really impressive to see how precise and careful they could be with the using of dangerous cutters, to make handsome stencils.

At the end of the workshop, we exhibited sveral pictures with texts, made by kids about their everyday life. Even for very young people, the question of being together in the city, has a very sensitive meaning.