11 JUILLET 2014 — SuperVolum+ US = funny drawings

Hello People!
You are invited on
Friday, July 11th, from 6 pm
at the opening of my drawings show
for a little friendly arty creative soirée!

It will take place at the

COUCOU BROOKLYN gallery, just like last year !

38 Marcy Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Metropolitan Avenue subway station

This time I will show the drawings and portraits of people I have seen ( some of you may be in!) during my trip through the United States.

This night will also be the celebration of the one-year anniversary of Coucou Brooklyn, as a supersmart and original spot-to-be in Williamsburg, where you can learn french, make friends and enjoy cultural melting-pot every day.
And since art is  much more interesting when it is shared, there will be papers, pencils, and colours, and hopefully you will bring your hands and inspiration so we will have a funny portraits session, everybody will draw each other’s funny faces and all the drawings wil be part of the show.

Let’s be creative all together !
The show will remain all summertime,
and at the end,

each one who has his/her face in there,
will be able to go get the portrait – cadeau 🙂