Cool Pics of my painting at Café Le Foch! Saint Maur (2011)

I’ve been asked to decorate three walls in a café, by taking inspiration from old ads posters in the streets. Architect : Bruno Louvrier

Here are some fresh photos of the place, just opened after a big renovation.

La maîtresse des lieux vous accueille, bienvenue au Foch, 8 avenue du Maréchal Foch, RER A : Parc de Saint Maur.

Only one week to make this work. Very short nights and big days were enough to make a full composition dedicated to all the artists who create inspired picures in our streets. Paying tribute to alcool advertisments is not my cup of tea, but when the huckster’s name is Mucha, I’m ok. Let’s promote cirrhosis all over the world, for the love of art !