One night One place / Un lieu Un soir (2011- Gonesse Arnouville))

It was a great intervention to create ten giant faces in papier-mâché. It was exhibited during a massive public event organised by Rythmage : “Un lieu Un soir” .The event took place in June, in the main square of the city. It included sculptures, dance, music, and light creations, mixing amateurs and professional propositions, mixing old and young people, among the inhabitants. The aim was to get them involved in a several weeks preparation ( my workshops last during three months) until one final event. I was very impressed by the global organisation and investment. Of course a lot of adults were part of it, but kids were really the superstars, dancing, playing, singing, and so good at sculpting in 2 cubic meters of polystyrene.

After a quick training on small models, I proposed them to work in 3D by sculpting directly in big polystyrene blocs. Physical! Once we got the faces shapes, we covered it with grease, and put numerous layers of paper with glue on it. We had a lot of fun with this greasy step. When everyone in the same room had something that looked like snot on their hands, atmosphere got much more relaxed! When the papier-mâché was dry, it was easy to “turn it out”  from the polystyrene volume (thanks to the grease), and get an exact replica. As the thematic of the event was “Unique and Multiple”, it was funny to use the papier-mâché as a molding technique. At the end we made the difference between the replicas by painting and decorating it all the way possible!

On the D day, guys of the lights figured out lamps’ position so everyone can see the faces on their best profile.